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Installing eForms device.

WARNING! Before installing or removing an eForms device , be sure that printer power is OFF! Damage to printer, module, or stored information could result from attempting to install or remove any memory hardware with the printer on!

Most printers will be supported by the SmartBOX


  • via The SmartBOX: Any Laser Jet compatible (PCL 5) printer connected via a "centronics" parallel port to the work station. Replacement of the printer cable will be required and a new cable is included with the unit. Network connected printers may require replacement of the network adapter and / or use of an external print server. At this time, network printers are supported by an eForms chip or the NetBOX

Into what printer is the e-form device being installed?

Hewlett Packard

Unsupported HP printers:

  • LaserJet 2035  is NOT actually a PCL5 printer. It only /emulates/ PCL5 through it's printer driver so the SmartBOX/NetBOX can not support it. In the future, the XPS driver will support this printer. The LJ 2055, which does support PCL5, should work, but has not been tested.

Note: Chips can generally be moved between printers within each group above. E.g. You can upgrade your 2200 to a 2300 and will not require a new chip; just move the chip from the 2200 to the 2300. If you need to move between groups, replacement chips or boxes will be required at a minimal charge.




  • M5200n
  • 5230 supported by an IBM FLASH memory chip which is installed inside the printer, just like the IBM InfoPrint 1332, and responds to programming just like the 1332. On the REPORTS menu, the PRINT DIRECTORY item will function if the FLASH memory chips is operational. Also, on the Setup menu, the Download Target option will become available. On the Utilities menu, Format and Defrag FLASH options will appear.
  • 5330 supported by the WorkBOX

If your printer is not on this list, we can probably still support it. Just about any printer will work with The SmartBOX. To be sure, please contact us with the printers make and model.

Printers that appear to have internal eForms support:

Using e-forms in