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Installing Flash SIMMs in the HP Laser Jet 5P and 5MP laser printers

Step A- To Open the Removable Side Panel

  1. Turn the printer off and disconnect the power cord. The printer is off when the on/off button is not pushed in.
  2. Open the interface cable door, and disconnect all of the interface cables.
  3. Open the top cover by pressing the Top Cover Release button on the side of the printer. Press the removable side panel release latch (A) and slide the removable side panel forward to the front of the printer (B) about 0.5 inches (1 cm) until the alignment arrows (C) line up.
  4. Pull the removable side panel away from the printer.


Before removing a new SIMM from its package or removing a SIMM from the printer, follow the static protection guidelines below.

Step B - To Insert the SIMM


Even very small amounts of static electricity can damage the SIMM. When handling the SIMM, follow all the instructions below

To protect the SIMM during installation, take the following precautions:

  • Wear an antistatic wrist strap, or touch the surface of the antistatic package and any bare metal in the printer before removing the SIMM from its package.
  • To prevent generation of more static electricity, avoid moving about the work area. Do not touch any other electronic devices, such as your telephone or your PC.
  • Handle the SIMM carefully at all times.
  1. Remove the SIMM from the antistatic package. Do not flex the SIMM or touch any of its connection traces. Ensure that the blue jumper is installed on the SIMM.
  2. Select the slot you want to use. (Use slots in this order--1, 2, 3.)
  3. Align the notch on the bottom of the SIMM with the notch on the bottom of the connector in the slot, holding the SIMM at a 30-degree angle.
  4. Push the SIMM into the back of the slot to seat it firmly.
  5. Rotate the SIMM to the side until the clips on the edges of the slot snap into place (you will feel and hear a "click").
  6. Check to make sure the SIMM is seated properly. If the SIMM is installed securely, the two side pegs on the SIMM latch will show through the two guide holes on the SIMM as shown.

Step C - To Replace the Removable Side Panel

  1. Align the alignment arrow on the removable side panel with the alignment arrow on the side of the printer.
  2. Slide the panel toward the back of the printer until you feel it seat firmly into place.
  3. Reconnect the interface cables.
  4. Close the printer's top cover.

Test the Flash SIMM by printing a status page from the programming software or by sending the PCL codes to activate the images stored on the Flash SIMM if it was pre-programmed.