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Hewlett Packard LaserJet 4250 and later eForms support

including 4015, 4250, 4300,

Use SmartBOX?
Parallel cable: Ok! Net cable: No. Use NetBOX

The printer must have a parallel printer port in order to connect either the NetBOX or SmartBOX, no mater how the printer is actually connected to the workstation or network. Late model HP printers may need an EIO to 1284B adapter card (part number J7972G) which costs about $90 from HP.

Installing an eForms SmartBOX

NetBOX support for this printer is only required when the printer will be connected by the network port using the cable that looks like a telephone cord. If the printer is connected by the fat parallel cable with the wire latches, even if it is available over the network, this printer is best supported by the SmartBOX.

Installing an eForms BOX "Program" Versions for network connected printers

Tray select operation

All 4000 series printers have a front panel were you can select PAPER HANDLING then PAPER SIZE and then set the paper size of each tray. From then on, when the printer is asked to print a page of a given size, it will pull from the tray you have selected on that menu.

The Registration / Key Packet stock should be installed in the pull-out tray face down, with the top of the form to the front of the printer.

If you have a third tray (second pull out tray) it can be loaded with plain white paper and the pull down tray in the front can be closed. You will need to power off the printer and turn it back on before the new tray will be recognized by the printer and used.

For properties who wish to put the legal sized registration key packet stock in a tray other than Tray 2, change CONFIGURE DEVICE, SYSTEM SETUP, TRAY BEHAVIOR, USE REQUESTED TRAY, from EXCLUSIVELY to FIRST. For most users, this should not be changed.