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Hewlett Packard LaserJet 9050

Use SmartBOX?
Parallel cable: Ok! Net cable: No. Use RAMBOX

Installing an eForms SmartBOX

NetBOX RAMBOX support for this printer is only required when the printer will be connected by the network port using the cable that looks like a telephone cord. If the printer is connected by the fat parallel cable with the wire latches, even if it is available over the network, this printer is best supported by the SmartBOX.

Installing an eForms BOX "Program" Versions for network connected printers

Most versions of the LaserJet 9050 have a defect that prevents the use of the NetBOX with this printer. Instead, the RAM BOX (which is the same physical device as the NetBOX, but with the forms images loaded in a different way) is known to work for this printer.