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Installing a Flash SIMM in the Hewlett Packard Laser Jet 5Si and 5SiMX


SIMM boards and your printer's controller board can be damaged by small amounts of static electricity. When handling a SIMM or other board, it is best to wear an anti-static wrist strap connected to the metal frame of the printer (or to your anti-static system). If a wrist strap is not available, try to touch the metal frame of the printer often. During installation, to prevent generation of static electricity, avoid moving about the work area.

To avoid damaging the parts, follow these steps:

  1. In this order, switch the printer power OFF, unplug the power cord, and disconnect any attached cables.
  2. Loosen (but do not remove) the two captive screws. If you are not wearing an anti-static wrist strap, touch the printer's bare metal plate to discharge any static charge on your body.
  3. Grasp the screws and pull the printer controller board out of the printer. Do not touch any component on the board. Place the board on a flat, non-conductive surface. (For ease of replacement, note how the board fits into slots in the printer.)
  4. Remove the SIMM board from the anti-static package. Do not touch any component on the SIMM board. Hold the board with your forefingers on the side edges and your thumbs against the back edge, so the notch on one end is on the right and the metal teeth face toward the SIMM slot.
  5. Insert the board firmly into the SIMM slot (4) at about a 20-degree angle with the metal teeth down. Use the closest open slot, starting with #4 as illustrated.
  6. Rotate the SIMM toward the back of the printer to about a 45-degree angle until it clicks into the metal locking tabs. If it is properly seated, it will not lift away from the slot. (To remove a SIMM, you must first release the metal locking tabs.)
  7. Align the printer controller board with the top slot, slide the board back into the printer (A), and tighten the two screws (B).
  8. Re-attach any cables and the power cord; then switch the printer power ON. Test the Flash SIMM by printing a configuration page from the printer front panel by pressing the menu button until the TEST MENU menu appears then press the item button until PCL CONFIGURATION PAGE appears then press select. Look for the heading "Installed Personalities and Options" and ensure that the Flash SIMM is listed.

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