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Installing a Flash Card into the IBM Infoprint 21 (aka 4322 or IP21) Laser Printer

When using this printer with the Reg/Keypacket form (as well as plain paper) such as when using the printer at the front desk we recommend configureing this printer with the stock tray expanded to Legal size and the reg/key packet stock loaded in it while the fold down tray is used for plain letter sized paper.

During installation the front panel option for "PAPER MENU" "AUX SIZE" should be set to "LETTER" or "LEGAL" as appropriate. The printer automatically senses the size of the paper in the main tray.

Use the following procedure to install a FLASH Card:

  1. Power off the printer. The chip won't work if you install it with the power on.
  2. Insert the card into the slot in the back of the printer as shown. No panels need be removed.

    Do NOT install the card into the internal card slots under the printer side panel as this may result in the card being damaged or erased.

    The card can only be installed one way, but it is difficult to tell which end is up. Push the card in one way and feel for the connector to engage. If it comes to a sudden stop instead, pull it out and turn it over.

  3. Power on the printer and from the printer front panel, select the "TEST MENU" by pressing the Menu key and then the "PRINT PCL MACROS" item by pressing the Item key, then press the Enter key.

NOTE: Despite apperances,

Attempting to use this card in a digital camera or other consumer device WILL result it damage to both the card and the device.

e-Forms Updates

If the card is erased or needs to be reprogrammed, an update file can be supplied and copied to the printer to reload the e-Forms.

Network connected IP21 printers must first be shared to the network via a workstation before the command line COPY command will work (e.g. COPY <file> <IP address> /B does not work but COPY <file> \\<machinename>\<printername> /B does work).

At the workstation,

  1. click on Start / Settings / Printers.
  2. use the right mouse button to click on the printers icon and select the Properties item from the popup menu. You can also click once on the printer icon and then select File / Properties from the menu or double click on the printer icon and then select Printer / Properties from the document que menu. This will open the properties dialog for your printer.
  3. select the Sharing tab
  4. enable sharing by clicking on the Share as... option.
  5. change the share name to IP21
  6. click on Ok to close the printer properties dialog.

The printer will now be available as \\<machinename>\IP21 instead of as LPT1 or any other port name. If you don't know the name of the workstation, you can find it by

  1. clicking with the right mouse button on Start then selecting Explorer from the popup menu.
  2. in the left side, scroll down and click on Network Neighborhood
  3. from the menu, select File / Properties
  4. select the Identification tab if it is not already displayed.
  5. make note of the text to the right of the Computer Name lable.

Here are the instructions for performing that update once you have received the update email:

  1. First, save the attachment to a floppy disk. The attached file will be <printertype>.all.
  2. copy this file at each workstation from the floppy or server directory to the local printer using the following command at the MSDOS prompt (Start / Programs / Command prompt):
    COPY A:\file.ALL \\<machinename>\IP21 /B 

    The printer should display and EFPLUS.COM Update message and then indicate that power needs to be cycled. Turn the printer off, count to 10 and turn the printer back on.

At this point the printer should be programmed and working.


This printer requires a special cable for parallel port connection. That is a IEEE 1284 A to C cable rather than the more standard A to B cable. See: IEEE 1284 connectors for more information and links to purchase the cable.