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Use of Electronic Forms Plus Registration / Keypacket stock in the Laserjet 5

The Laserjet 5 fold down tray has a feed sensor arm on the left side that can catch in the die cut of the Registration Keypacket stock (part 32-14) and cause the printer to jam.

When useing the blank version of this stock in the Laserjet 5, turn the form over so that the die cut is on the right hand side.

When using a pre-printed version of the stock which prevents the stock from being turned over, an extra Legal Sized tray (HP part number C3921A "HP 500 Sheet Assembly with Paper Tray for LaserJet 5/5M/5N") is required. As of 04/09/2001 this tray was available for $172.99 from You might also try Printer Works

If you don't require two trays or are willing to use the fold out tray for plain letter sized paper, you can replace the stock letter sized 250-sheet Paper Tray #2 with an expandable tray (HP part number C3924A) which will adjust to Legal, letter, A4 and executive size paper sizes. Sources: Printer Works