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Eltrax LANmark software supports the following e-Forms

  • 21 Folio. (027 038 102 050 049 121 052 088)
  • 31 Statement.(027 038 102 051 049 121 052 088)
  • 41 Registration.(including Reg/Key Packet option)(027 038 102 052 049 121 052 088)
  • 51 Messages.(027 038 102 053 049 121 052 088)
  • 61 Confirmation.(027 038 102 054 049 121 052 088)
  • 101 Accounts Payable Checks.
  • 111 Travel Agent Checks.

To integrate e-forms with the LANmark software, select option "2 Printer Configuration" from the LANmark System Main Menu then select "2 Printer Control Codes"  from the next menu and enter the appropriate table number (each table is related to a terminals local printer in the "1 Printer Selections" menu).

In the Printer Configuration - Printer Control Codes - Table #x screen, press Enter to Change the Local Category letters to unique letters for the type of reports you are setting up with e-Forms. For example, make Folios B, Statements, C and Registrations D.

Press the Page Down key to access the screen for each of the letters you have just selected.

For example: If you made Folios letter B, you would press Page Down twice to change the codes for that report. Use the Right Arrow key to move into the "ASCII Value in Decimal" section and enter the following numbers. You should add these numbers to the end of whatever codes are currently present in that section:

027 038 102 050 049 121 052 088

this corresponds to:


which is the HP PCL command to overlay macro ID number 21 (the e-Forms image of the Folio form) on each printed page. For other e-Forms, use the sequence listed with the forms name above.

To test that these codes are correctly entered, change the 027 to 047 (the "/") and print a Folio (make sure you are using the correct terminal and printer) you should see /&f21y4X (or /&f31y4X for the statement, etc...) printed on the first line of the report. Then change the 047 back to an 027 without deleting any of the other codes, and this text should no longer print. This shows that the sequence is being interpreted as a command, rather than printable text, by the printer. If the e-Form SIMM or DIMM is installed in the printer, and has that form available, the e-Form will now print. Even without the e-Forms installed, the printer will simply realize that the form is not available and ignore the command. The fact that the sequence disappears indicates that it is most probably entered correctly.