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Hewlett Packard Laserjet M600 Series

NOTE: All printers used under Windows, by Windows applications ,are best supported by the XPS Driver.

FLASH Thumb Drive support

To use a USB FLASH drive in the M601 for PCL eForms support, just plug any commonly available USB FLASH drive into the front of the printer, then power cycle the printer (it won't show up as a storage device until you turn the printer off and then back on.)

File Directory

Use the file directory page to view current contents of the Flash thumb drive

To print a configuration page:

  1. Press [Menu] until INFORMATION MENU appears.
  2. Press [Item] until PRINT FILE DIRECTORY appears.
  3. Press [Select] to print the configuration page.

The Flash drive should appear as "USB Storage Device". It will be device 1: (just like a XEROX 4510)

Loading new eForms onto the FLASH drive

The  eForms .ALL file provided by can be copied to the printer manually from a workstation where the driver is installed as follows:

Share the printer via an installed Windows printer driver. (Right Click / Printer Properties, Sharing tab, Share as) Start / "cmd" / Right click cmd and select Run as Administrator

net use lpt1 \\\sharename
copy /B M601USBFLASH.ALL lpt1

The printer front panel should show EFPLUS.COM EFORMS UPDATE and then EFORMS LOADED: RESTART PRINTER. Power the printer off, wait a minute, and power it back on.

Test the printer and verify that it works correctly before continuing on to the next printer