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Printers known to use the IEEE 1284 C (micro centronics) connector

Although the IEEE 1284 spec specifically recommends this connector for new designs, the truth is that cables for it are nearly impossibly to find and cost 5 to 10 times more than the standard 1284AB cables. Here are some printers know to use the connector and some sources for cables. If you know of others, PLEASE let us know?

HP LJ 1100, 8150, 8500, 8550 CLJ 4550(?), 4650, 5550

IBM IP 21, 1145

LEXMARK T522, T62x, C750, W812

Tektronix Phaser 560

See also:

John Orme says: "LaserJet 5P, 6P, have both b and c... "

Dave Cummings says: "LJ8500 and LJ8550"

Note: Although the HP users manual, online documentation and setup manual for the LaserJet 9O5O all clearly show a picture of the micro centronics connector, the printer actually has the standard B connector as is specified in the text and confirmed by Krista Broussard of HP presales support.


  • HP Laserjet 3100 uses a C cable