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Hilton OnQ

Having problems? See Solving common problems and understanding known issues.

Changes? If you need to make a change to something on one of your eForms, please take a sample of the current form, mark it up with the changes you wish and fax or scan and email that to us along with your Inncode.

Updates mandated by the brands for all hotels, and some commonly requested changes are available via a web request form

Installing XPS eForms: The old SmartBOX/NetBOX system has been replaced. Hilton Workstations (starting Jan 2012) will come pre-installed with the XPS driver in the list under Start / Settings / Printers and Faxes or Devices and Printers. To use this driver, the XPS versions of the eForms images must be installed on the Workstation from our Update page:

The driver doesn't actually know how to talk to any real printers, but instead knows how to identify the type of print job, and overlay the appropriate form image from the installed set. The combined result is then sent to an actual printer driver, which sends it out to the physical printer. So OnQ must be set to print to the XPS driver, and the XPS driver must be set to print to the actual printer via it's setup wizard.

OnQ5, 6, and 7 are supported by Hilton for electronic forms including the folio receipt, registration slip or registration key packet, statements, invoices and zip out. All Hilton brands are approved for the use of eForms: Full Service Hiltons, Hilton Garden Inns, Doubletree, Embassy Suites, Homewood, Hampton and Hampton Inn and Suites

Registration Form Selection:

Small Registration Key Packet (Discontinued) In version 5.13, there is a new option in addition to the "Use keypacket..." option. This is for our patented letter sized (8.5x11") version of the registration key packet stock which folds up into a small key jacket, 2 guest ID cards and a registration slip. ( re-order here ) It was commissioned for the Homewood Suites brand but could be used by any hotel and is a great fit for the Hampton Brand. To activate this option, first you must order the new stock from us. Please see the setup instructions.

Full Sized Registration Key Packet This legal sized (8.5x14") patented stock bursts and folds into a key packet and registration slip. ( re-order here ) In Database Maintenance under "Hotel Defaults", "Receipt Printing", turn ON or check "Use keypacket format when printing pre-reg cards." Note: despite the name  of the item, it applies to any registration printing, not only to pre-reg. If you find that the name is not printed on the front of the key packet, or that the printer is asking for letter sized paper, OnQ may be set for the small registration key packet. Follow step 3 of the setup instructions for that stock, but "disable" rather than "enable" the small version, then come back and turn on the option in Database Maintenance for the full sized version.

Printing Guest ID cards on Registration Key Packets. If you have OnQ5, with the updated REGKEYP.RPT file, and use the "Wide" folio format (with 3 dollar columns "Debit" "Credit" and "Balance") and an appropriate eForm image, you can print guest ID  cards on the inner flaps of the keypacket. Just go to Database Maintenance, Hotel Defaults, Hotel Information, and add a Tilde (the "~" character) somewhere in the Hotel Name field. Verify that you have the new FOLIOREG.RPT file by looking for the period on the registration slip, just above the guest name and indented about 1/2 inch.

Adding Messages to the Registration Slip. Any short message can be added to the registration slip by typing it into the "Pre-registration information text" field in the "Receipt Messages" section of Hotel Defaults under Database Maintenance. Other areas of the registration can be customized by changing the eForm. See: Need to change text or logos on the eForm

Plain Paper Registrations (you must have an eForms device, and supply your own key jacket or key packet) In Database Maintenance under "Hotel Defaults", "Receipt Printing", turn OFF "Use keypacket format when printing pre-reg cards."

If you don't find what you need here, contact for technical support.

In general: Electronic forms integration for Laser Printers was orignially accomplished by installing a special font into the Windows NT Printer driver and making use of that font in Crystal Reports by adding a text field with nothing more than a period selected to print in that font. Now, eForms support is provided by our new XPS printer driver.


RPT files at \\(code)report\reports or on the report server at c:\Reports or \\(code)server\reports or C:\Program Files\HPMS\Reports and also the \reports2 folder UNDER the \reports folder. E.g. \\(code)report\reports\reports2 from the workstations and C:\Program Files\HPMS\Reports\reports2 on the reports server

All the RPT files now support 600DPI The property_name field is NOT printed. The info at the top starts with property_address_1

For Hampton Inns with the debit card info over printing the company info: In Database Maintenance, Hotel Defaults, Receipt printing, turn OFF the item that starts with "Print company name... " and ends with " ... (Mexico Only)" If you MUST have this area available for the printing of company information, for example if you are a Hampton Inn in Mexico, please apply to Hilton for a variance so that we can incorporate the debit card text into the main signature box.

To select the RPT files for a given hotel, there are flags in the SQL server:

use HPMS3
select use_key_packet_ind from property select homewood_key_packet_ind from property_extension SetRegSMRK.SQL
use HPMS3
update property set use_key_packet_ind = 1 update property_extension set homewood_key_packet_ind = 1 SetRegPlainPaper.SQL use HPMS3 update property set use_key_packet_ind = 0 update property_extension set homewood_key_packet_ind = 0 SetRegKeyPacket.SQL
use HPMS3
update property set use_key_packet_ind = 1 update property_extension set homewood_key_packet_ind = 0 Set4ColumnFolio.SQL
use HPMS3
update property set folio_format = 1 Set7ColumnFolio.SQL
use HPMS3
update property set folio_format = 0