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Note: This information is out of date, and applies only to the use of SmartBOX / NetBOX which are no longer used at most hotels.

Typical conversation with an eForms customer

Q: What 4 items must be in place for eforms to work in OnQ5?
A: From the installation guide:
1) eforms capable printer driver (config tab on right in properties NOT device settings, get it fom X:\drivers\printers\wxp\hilton...)
2) eforms font in the config tab (get that from X:\drivers\eforms...)
3) OnQ set to use the eForms printer under "Reports" / "File" / "Printer Assignements" for the folio and while paper printers. IF the property uses the registration key packet, Database Maintenance under "Hotel Defaults", "Receipt Printing", "Use keypacket format when printing pre-reg cards" should be on. Otherwise, it should be off.
4) A working eForms device plugged into the printer.

Q: How can you tell if a SmartBOX is getting power from it's AC adapter?
A: The SmartBOX will try to pull power from the printer and workstation through the data cables. As a result, it can appear to be on even when the AC adapter has come unplugged or is defective. The only way to know for sure is to ask the property to unplug the SmartBOX entirely ("so that you could put it in your pocket"), verify that the light is now out, then plug back in ONLY the AC adapter. If it doesn't light up, the AC adapter isn't working and the SmartBOX may not be getting enough power to function correctly. On power up, a normal SmartBOX will show a red-ish orange for a few seconds and then turn to a dim yellowish green. A blinking red light indicates that the SmartBOX has lost its forms and needs to be reloaded by EFP Inc. See also:

Q: What is the first thing to check on an eforms support call?
A: What printer driver is selected in the reports list printer assignements  for the folio paper printer, white paper printer and, for OnQ2 the registration printer. if the property uses registration key packet stock to print registrations, the Registration printer should be assigned, if not, it should be unassigned. For OnQ 5 users, the Database Maintenance >> Hotel Defaults >> Receipt Printing >> ‘Always print Expense Report Summary for all guest receipts.’  option should be set to match.

Q: What is the second thing to check on an eforms support call?
A: Is the selected printer capable of supporting eforms? Does it have a config tab?

Q: What is the third thing to check on an eforms support call?
A: Are the fonts installed in the config tab? Is the "Font DIMMs" checkbox checked? If so, push the Config button and look for "efplus eforms" on the left. Select that and look for folio 21, Oldreg 51 and regkey 41 as well as Upsidedn on the right.

Q: How can you tell FOR SURE if the problem is at the printer (bad or missing SmartBOX/chip) or in the workstation or server?
A: From the Command prompt (Start / Run type: CMD press Enter) type:
echo ^[^&f21y4X21^L > prn

Note that the "^" (a.k.a. caret) is not always entered the same way. The first caret is entered along with the "[" by holding down the Ctrl key and tapping the [ key (just to the right of the P key). The second caret is a shifted 6 followed by a shifted 7 for the "&" and the last is entered with the "L" by holding down the Ctrl key and tapping the L key.

The actual key presses are: e,c,h,o, ,Ctrl+[,Shift+6,Shift+7,f,2,1,y,4,X,2,1,Ctrl+L, ,>, ,p,r,n,Enter

or, if the printer is shared between workstations:
echo ^[^&f21y4X21^L > \\workstation\printername
where workstation is the name of the workstation that the printer is connected to, and printername is the name that the printer is shared as from that workstation. Note that network connected printers with IP addresses will not work, you need to share an IP connected printer from a workstation and copy the file to the \\workstation\sharename.

Ask the property to look for a blank form (with the hotel logo) which indicates a good eForms device or the id number only on a blank page which indicates a bad eForms device.

For more advanced information see:

Q: How can the front desk clerks check in guests while an eforms (or other printer or OnQ issue) is being fixed?
A: Every customer is sent, at no cost, a box of "Emergency Paper" marked with a bright pink sticker. This generic folio/reciept/registration paper can be used in the laser-printers or by hand while the system is down.

Q: Why can't we install a driver for a shared eForms printer by selecting the "Network Printer" option after Add Printer?
A: Because this doesn't actually use the print driver on the local machine. It actually sends the GDI print job to the other workstation. And since the print driver isn't actually on the local machine, when you install the eforms fonts into it, it actually installes them (again) into the driver on the machine that is serving the printer. That results in a double installation which causes the server to stop printing eforms. The correct way to set up the share is at the DOS prompt:

NET USE LPT1 \\<remoteserver>\<sharename>

Then install the printer driver as though there was a printer actually on the local LPT1 port.

Q: What if the registration is printing correctly but the room number is upside down on the inside flap?
A: Check to make sure that the EFPlus Upsidedn font is installed in the printer driver under the config tab by clicking the config button and then clicking on EFPlus EForms and looking in the list on the right side. If it isn't, hit Remove then OK and click the Config button again then click Add and browse to a copy of the efps21?.pcm file (were ? is b or higher, later versions are better). The file is available from at the above address. See:

Q: What if the eForm is printing (logos appear at the top center of the page) and the room number is printing ok, but the hotel is seeing some other problem with what is printed?
A: Ask the hotel to fax or email a sample to efplus (see for all contact information) with the area in question circled and a short note reguarding what is wrong and who to call back about it.