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Setup of XPS driver after physical print driver is changed

If the XPS driver has been licensed to a workstation, and perhaps has been setup and running, an ill informed user or well meaning support tech may delete the actual, physical, destination printer driver from the list of printer in Start / Settings / Printers and Faxes. The XPS driver is not intended to work by itself, as it doesn't really know how to talk to a physical printer but instead simply knows how to recognize print jobs and overlay the appropriate form image on them, then pass the job on to a real printer driver for rendering to the physical printer.

First, the appropriate printer driver for the physical printer must be added. You have to be able to print normally (without the eForms) before you can begin to print with the eForms.

Once you can print via the regular printer driver, right click on the little EFP icon in the tray next to the time (lower right of the computer screen) then selected the Setup Wizard (NOT the Support Wizard, the Setup Wizard):


Then run though the panels to the first one where you "Select or add eForms printer for your standard OnQ workstation":

IF (and only if) you see a red flashing X on this panel, click Browse and the Add printer.. to re-add an " XPS driver".


On the next panel, "Select the destination printer for your standard OnQ workstation"

This would normally be the Hilton HPLJ4n printer. Again, if there is a red flashing "X" then press "Browse" and select the correct destination printer from the list.


Press Next, Next, and Finish completing the setup.


in OnQ FrontDesk under Reports / Reports List..., on the File / Printer Assignments menu assign all of them to XPS:

Ensure that the File / Personal Printer Assignments are all set to (Unassigned).

At that point, everything should be working... if you find that you can print, but the forms aren't overlaid, you may need to download and install the forms images from: