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Electronic Forms Plus, Inc. Registration Keypacket

These pre-printed color key-packets (US Patent Nos. 6,901,370 & 7,306,262) are generic to each brand of hotel, and are customized to an individual hotel by an electronic form overlay that is printed onto the stock at the front desk. The stock feeds through the laser printer so guest information such as name and room number can be printed at the same time as the hotel information, including graphics and logos, are added to the base stock.

Sample Keypacket Images

(Compressed for demonstration on the internet; the actual images are perfectly sharp)

The green lines on these images have been added to point out the perforations which allow the top to be torn off to become the registration slip (signed by the guest and retained), score marks which allow the rest to be folded into a keypacket and the die-cuts for insertion of a card key.

Each file is about 200k and may take a minute to display completely. These are low quality images meant only to show the general layout of the forms. The actual forms are sharp and high quality.

Stock Paper Order Form

Using the Registration Key Packet:

How to use it guide.

Load the stock and configure your printer using the instructions for the printer model from Remember to always fan and flex the stock before loading.

After printing, remove the registration slip for the guest to sign by first folding along the upper horizontal perforation and then tearing.

For the small registration key packet, fold the right side forward and back along the vertical perforation and and tear off guest I.D. cards.

Fold up the flap from the bottom perforation to create the pocket for the room keys.

Using your thumbs on either side, break open the slot for the room keys. Insert the keys so that the bottom of the key is inside the pocket.

Fold the key packet closed from left to right along the vertical center perforation.