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Electronic Forms

Electronic forms are non-physical images of the printing from standard pre-printed forms which have been scanned, vectorized, compressed, and stored in the memory of a laser or other printer and which are then overlaid on top of print data from an application on the computer system.

This allows the printer to be loaded with blank paper or generic stock and eliminates the need for specific preprinted forms! The printer adds the form to the blank stock at the same time it prints the data.

eForms also address other shortcomings of pre-printed forms: Use of a preprinted form can cause problems with alignment of data with the graphics. Margins on different laser printers vary. Therefore, we recommend the use of eforms, which eliminate alignment problems because the form moves with the data. The result is perfect alignment!

Electronic Forms Plus, Inc. Specializes in eforms support for the hotel industry. In addition to our electronic forms, we supply the following brand generic stock.

  • The patented  (6,901,370) Registration / Keypacket stock is preforated and die cut to fold into a key packet for presentation of the guest room card-key with the Guest name and room number printed by the laser printer on the key packet at the same time that a custom registration slip is printed with all the details of the stay. The registration slip is detached from the top of the key packet, signed by the guest and retained at the front desk. The inside flaps and back of the key packet can be customized with guest information, advertisements, and hotel specific data by the laser printer via an eform image. The Reg-Key Packet is brand generic and therefore costs much less than a standard, preprinted, hotel specific keypacket. Electronic forms support is required to customize the generic stock to your property.
  • Preprinted "emergency" stock is supplied at no cost to ensure that in the event of any equipment failure (eforms or the PMS system), guest registrations and checkout can be processed by hand until support is able to correct the issue. Keeping this special box (identified with a bright "Emergency" label) near the front desk is recommended. If you have not received or can not find your emergency box, please contact Electronic Forms Plus, Inc.

In order to function in standard PCL printers, the printer must receive a code that tells it which electronic form image to overlay. Most often, the application program printing the data is configured to send this code. In general this is refered to as integration.

This integration step has already been completed for many applications including:

Included in the code is an ID number that identifies the specific eForm to be used. This allows many eForms to be printed on the same printer without changing stock.