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Electronic Forms Integration into Visual One

Visual One is a very modern and flexable PMS system which runs on Microsoft Windows NT/2000/XP with an MS-SQL Server database. "...takes advantage of the latest Microsoft products such as MS Word (for mailing lists), MS Excel (for creating graphs and charts) and even Microsoft Fax for sending reservation confirmations to guests. "  

"All of Visual One's data is available to you, the user, for creating customized reports using, for example, Seagate's Crystal Report Writer"

Electronic forms integration for Laser Printers is accomplished by installing a special font into the Windows NT/2000/XP Printer driver and making use of that font in Crystal Reports by adding a text field with nothing more than a period selected to print in that font. The changes to the RPT files can be made by you, by Visual One Systems or by Electronic Forms Plus, Inc with assistance from Visual One Systems.

Bank checks, such as Travel Agent checks, are available as e-Forms. These present a tremendous savings and security improvement over standard pre-printed checks since the customization of the check stock to your property and bank account is accomplished at the laser printer on standard check stock and controlled by a customized version of the Crystal Reports RPT file supplied with the Visual One software. There are several points that are very important to the successful use of laser printed (e-Forms) checks:

  • You must verify that the bank code line printed at the bottom of all checks (called the MICR line) is correctly formatted and positioned. We will verify that the formatting is correct, based on information that you supply from the bank or an existing copy of your checks. The positioning of the MICR line is absolutely critical. Part of the setup of a new e-Forms check system is the required positioning of the MICR line for your printer and check stock. We will work with Visual One and you to accomplish this by modifying the APCheckCondoSum.RPT or other RPT file or showing you how to modify it with Crystal Reports.
    You should verify the MICR line position at least once each check run using the gauge we provide to protect against rare, but possible, alignment changes. Misalignment can occur if you change the printer or its setup or if the perforation varies on the check paper. Electronic Forms Plus and Visual One are not responsible for damages, including Bank fees or unprocessed transactions caused by printing checks without checking and correcting the MICR alignment using the gauge we supply.

    Basically, there must be 5 and 9/16th inches (5.5625") between the right edge of the document and the right edge of the left most  symbol on the MICR line, and that symbol must be 1/4 inch (0.25") above the bottom of the check. This position is referred to as number 43 on the MICR line and will be marked accordingly on the MICR gauge. The positioning can only be off by as much as 1/16th of an inch (0.0625") left to right and 1/8th inch (0.125") up and down. So the space between the first symbol and the right edge must be between 5.5" and 5.625". All current laser printers are more than able to maintain this accuracy after initial alignment as long as the paper is feed consistently and the perforation does not vary. Here is an example of what this should look like when viewed with our MICR gauge:

    and here is an example of an incorrectly positioned MICR line:

  • The MICR line should always be printed using a magnetic or MICR toner unless your bank specifies otherwise. There are suppliers of this toner for most printer models. is the industry leader, but we have referred some clients to with acceptable results at a lower cost.

  • Checks must be printed on approved check stock. Electronic Forms Plus provides this stock at excellent prices.

  • You should produce a sample run of several checks and take them to your bank for testing and approval before processing large volumes of checks.

Reliable and cost effective printing of checks directly from the Visual One system is assured if these steps are followed with reasonable care.

If, at any time, you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at 1-888-337-2776.

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