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EFPlus XPS Driver

If you are a Hilton brand hotel, using the OnQ property management system, please use the OnQ specific version of this page.


The EFPlus XPS Driver is a new "virtual" printer driver with the ability to overlay forms images on print jobs inside the workstation: It does not actually act as a driver for any specific printer, but instead passes on the print jobs, to a "real" printer driver which must also be installed on the workstation. For example, if the workstation is connected to a laser printer, and the driver for that printer is already installed and set as the default driver, then normally programs on the workstation would print to that driver, and the physical printer would print out each job. When the EFPlus XPS Driver is installed along side of the printers driver, and configured to pass print jobs onto it, then the EFPlus XPS Driver can be set as default instead and when programs on the workstation print to the EFPlus driver, it will examine the print job, overlay the appropriate form (or no form) and then send the job onto the regular driver and so out the printer. The end result is that each print job that needs a form is given a form in the workstation.


If the EFPlus XPS Driver is not already installed on your workstation, contact us for a download authorization link. Run the program and follow the prompts to set it up. The setup will happen in 2 or 3 parts, depending on your workstation. The first part is the core driver. The second part is the Microsoft .NET 4 library, which will only be necessary for Windows XP workstations. The last part is the PMS setup which configures the driver for your specific Property Management System, adds the EFPlus XPS Driver to the printer list and selects the destination printer. The setup wizard allows you to quickly create a new instance of the EFPlus XPS Driver, and then set the "real" printer to which it will pass completed print jobs.

After installing the XPS driver, setup your system to print to the EFPlus XPS Driver, instead of printing to the "Real" printer driver so that we can overlay your eForms. If you have any problems you can always simply change back to the "real" printer and the EFPlus printer will no longer have any effect.

Finally, pickup your eForms from (If you are unable to reach this web page, please check here)
and follow the directions to install them. If you receive an error when installing the forms, please check here.


Please note that the EFPlus XPS Driver is now the standard for new hotels using Windows based property management systems. Support is available from Electronic Forms Plus, Inc. during normal business hours: 8-5 PST (west coast time) Monday thru Friday only.

If your forms do not appear to be printed correctly, please find the green and white EFP icon in the tray near the time in the lower right area of the screen. Right click that icon and select Support Wizard, then follow the prompts to capture a sample of the problem print job and send it to us so we can see what is wrong. If you are not able to capture a print job; if the job just prints out to the physical printer without being captured, check to make sure your system is actually set to print to the EFPlus XPS Driver.

If print jobs que up under the EFPlus XPS Driver, please run the Setup Wizard by right clicking on the tray icon (the green and white EFP icon in the tray near the time in the lower right area of the screen) or by right clicking on EFPlus XPS Driver then Properties, going to the Setup and Support tab, and then clicking on Setup Wizard. Follow the prompts to select both the eforms and destination printers. The destination printer should be the "real" printer driver for your physical printer.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us or email