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Can't reach updates page:

If you can reach this web site, but can not reach please try the following:

Try going to:
then fill out the form and download your update.

If you still have problems, please collect and send us the following information:

Click Start (in the lower left corner of the screen) then Run..., type in the letters cmd and click Ok. At the black screen with white letters, type in:
and press Enter (you could also just select and copy that line, then in the black screen, click the C:\ icon in the upper left and select Edit / Paste)

Let that work until you see several lines with just * in the first three columns and "Request timed out" to the right. It will probably be around 20 lines or so. If you get a timeout on the first few lines, don't stop, just let it run until there are several in a row. Once you aren't getting any more usefull information, hold down the Ctrl key and press C to stop the trace.

Copy all that wierd text by clicking on the little "C:\" icon in the upper left corner of the window, and then selecting Edit / Select All. This will turn the screen white with black letters. Now press Enter. The screen should turn black with white letters again. Now start a new email and Edit / Paste all that info into body of the email.

Next, go to and drag your mouse to select, your IP:, ISP:, Host:, Country:, Region / State:, and City: which is shown to the left of the map on that page. Right click and select Copy, then Edit / Paste all that into the email. Please do correct the city and state if it is incorrect.

If you can capture a screen shot of the Internet Explorer page showing the actual error, that would also be wonderful.

Send the email to with "Can not get updates" and your hotel inncode in the subject line.

Otherwise, please contact us or email

You might also try picking up the update via a workstion in the business office, or a personal computer.

For Hilton hotels: Apparently some hotels access to the internet has been moved to a new data center and this new center, hosted by IBM is blocking access. In the past, your access to the internet came through the data center at Memphis, and it was correctly setup to allow access to our updates pages. The new datacenter in North Carolina is run by IBM, and for some strange reason they are blocking us. We are attempting to reach the correct people at IBM to contact to get this issue fixed. In the mean time, PLEASE document this issue by contacting OnQ support at 1-800-HELP-HELP (1-800-495-7495) at let them know that you are being affected by ticket number #17836291. Documenting cases against that ticket number will increase pressure to get this fixed.