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HP LJ 2100 / 2200

Pickup Foot Replacement

Click on any of the pictures to see an enlarged view.

Part numbers and an exploded view of the pickup assembly. The pickup foot (part number RB2-2891-000CN) is available from As of October 2003, the price for this part was $16.00

First, remove the toner, paper cassette and power / interface cables, then set the printer up on its back.

Locate the paper pickup foot in the center near the front of the printer. It is the dark rubber curve between the two white plastic rollers in the picture.

Notice that its shaft runs through two "bushings" where it passes through the supports on either side.

Part Numbers

  • Right: RB2-2895-000CN
  • Left: RB2-2896-000CN

On the left side, gently pull the arm on the bushing out a little bit from the support and rotate it toward you.

this is much easier to see on the pictures of the right bushing below because that one is white and this one is black.

Continue to move the arm up while pulling it gently to the left. When the bushing reaches the correct position, it will move to the left, sliding out from between the support and the shaft.

Remove the left hand bushing.

On the right side, again, find the arm on the bushing.

Gently pull the arm on the bushing out away from the support and rotate it toward you.

Continue raising the arm while gently pulling right until the bushing slides to the right. It will not move all the way from between the shaft and the support.

Take care that the black paper sensor just to the right of the bushing is not moved out of position.

Now rotate the arm down and completely back into the body of the printer.

The right bushing can now be moved to the right just a little more. This is absolutly necessary.

Grasping the left end of the shaft and the right wheel as shown, push it to the left while holding the right bushing to the right.

On the left side, there is a small bit of metal behind the left side wheel which will stop the unit from moveing all the way to the left. pull the shaft forward, away from the printer, to clear this obstruction and move the unit all the way to the left. Again, this is absolutly necessary.

Pull firmly with your thumb and the right end of the shaft should just clear the right bushing. If not, review the steps above paying special attention to those comments in italics.

Continue to pull the right end of the shaft out, makeing shure that the right bushing stays in place then slide the left side out.

The pickup foot wheels are easy to pull off the shaft.

With a firm pressure, work your thumb under the rubber material.

Useing both hands, peel the rubber back.

Continue to pull the rubber off the foot.

Now that the rubber is removed, it can be replaced or cleaned, rughed up and re-installed

If you will re-use this rubber, flip it back right side out.

The surface can be cleaned with rubbing alcohol and should be roughed up with course sandpaper or a wire brush.

Start the new or re-furbished rubber back onto the foot.

Make sure that the best surface is alligned with the flat spot on the foot.

Work the rubber back on.

Use your fingernail to push down the rubber around both sides so that it is off the slight lip that edges the foot.

Reinstall the wheels.

Orient the foot so that the flat spot is towards you.

Insert the left end of the shaft.

Pull the left end of the shaft towards you so that the assembly will move as far left as possible.

While holding the right bushing to the right, align the right edge of the shaft with the bushing.

Push firmly back.

Push the shaft to the right, rocking the foot as needed to line up the shaft with the drive key on the right.

While holding the shaft to the right, move the right bushing to the left.

Rotate the right bushing arm up until the bushing is able to move further left.

Keep moveing it up until the bushing slips all the way to the left.

Push the arm back down until it contacts the support and then locks into place.

Line up the left bushing with the arm to the left and push it over the shaft.

Wiggle the shaft and bushing until the bushing slides between the shaft and the support.

Push the arm down.

and lock it into place

Ensure that the paper sensor is unmoved and still able to rock up and down freely.